Saturday, November 25, 2006

Six Zune Ready Radio Orphans Music Videos

Greetings, in keeping up with the ever changing world in which we live in, the Radio Orphans now have six Zune Ready music videos available for download.
These six Radio Orphans music videos are .wmv format, encoded to Microsoft's Zune media player specifications.
The compressed file containing the videos is a .zip, 246 mb in size, hosted courtesy of MediaFire.
Use the link below to visit the file page and download:

New Music Video

You're invited to view our new music video for the Radio Orphans experimental transmission, Corey Vs. Bob part one.
Join us live from the one of a kind radio studio of WJR. Talk back DJ Bob is taking callers, Corey's on the landline in Wausau. Watch as 1960’s Mid America tunes in, then chuckles in amazement as our two protagonists battle each other with intelligent words of wit and wisdom.
One can direct download the video using this link: Corey Vs. Bob 1 or subscribe to our video podcast via iTunes or via your favorite
RSS reader. Visit our main video podcast page at Radio Orphans Video Podcast to view all our music video and for more information.
The original song Corey Vs. Bob (part one) is the super secret hidden end track on the Radio Orphans CD Monkeys’ Dance available on iTunes or hard copy at

Monday, November 20, 2006

Podcast Play

A triple play for Radio Orphans music.
First off, PodPaiva played Our Shoulders Are Broad And Sweaty But Our Breath Is Sweet along with Corey Vs. Bob 2.
PodPaiva, hosted by Henrik Anttonen, is the first ever daily Finnish podcast.
Visit: PodPaiva to listen and for more information.

Bite Sized Bonus played Poor Boy in episode 232.
Host Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK.
Visit: Bite Sized Bonus for the latest episodes.

Rightish Brain Podcast played If You Make a bet In Heaven in episode 42 entitled Getting Things Off My Chest. Hosted by RDM out of New Jersey, he plays Podsafe music along with commentary.
Visit: Rightish Brain Podcast for more information.

The tunes If You Make A Bet In Heaven and Our Shoulders Are Broad And Sweaty But Our Breath Is Sweet are available for download in mp3 format at
The song Poor Boy can be found on the Radio Orphans CD Monkeys' Dance
available on iTunes or hard copy at CDBaby

Monday, November 13, 2006

Radio Orphans on Internet Radio

The new Radio Orphans song We Hardly Knew Ya was played twice on this past week.
DJ Mike K played it in his Saturday Night Rocks Show . DJ Mike was born in Germany and now resides in Alanta Georgia. He's a self taught guitarist who states that music is one of his biggest passions in life.
DJ Sue played We Hardly Knew Ya in her Eclectica Show. DJ Sue has been a musician all her life from toy pianos to Frikken instruments. Sue believes in leaving the door open to musical possibilities and this is reflected in her shows.
For Sue and Mikes prospective show times and for more information, please use the links above.
One can also visit SongPlanet for more information.
The song We Hardly Knew Ya is a Radio Orphans tribute to the late Syd Barrett. It can be downloaded or streamed
at the Radio Orphans SongPlanet page HERE

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Song: We Hardly Knew Ya

We Hardly Knew Ya, A new Radio Orphans tune that’s a tribute to the late Syd Barrett.
Syd was a founding member of the band Pink Floyd and a solo recording artist. The early experimental pop music of Pink Floyd along with Syd’s solo albums influenced the Radio Orphans early on. Fellow Orphan Jaw Knee states: “Syd Barrett’s own music and his early work with Floyd was fundementel in helping shape the sound of the Radio Orphans”.
Fellow Orphan Finneaus adds: “ In general, if you’re a rock musician, you’ve been influenced by Syd Barrett in some way or another” Any comments or questions are welcome at
Download or Stream "We Hardly Knew Ya" at MP3.COM or SONGPLANET.COM Both sites have the same version of the song. At MP3 it's a higher quaility bit rate (192 kbps). At Songplant a lower bit rate (128 kbps) but you can read the lyrics as you listen.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Music Video and Podcast News

Greetings, a few of items of note this week:
Radio Orphans Video Podcast is reviewed in episode 25 of Podcast Salad at CleverMedia TV.
Hosted by Katie Bevard, Podcast Salad is a weekly video podcast covering video podcasting. Katie delivers a bit of iPod and podcasting related news then proceeds to review video podcasts including clips from episodes along information to subscribe. Watch and you'll hear and see clips from our video If You Make A Bet In Heaven during the review.

An excerpt the Radio Orphans song Body And Soul was played in episode oo1 of the Wet Buzz Music Podcast their motto is less talk more music.
New Music Video :
Widow Maker a Radio Orphans music video featuring early film footage of the effects of logging activity along the Upper Mississippi River Valley during the late 1930’s.
Watch as the great pine forests of Minnesota are logged to fuel a nations industrial growth. See giant timber felled by axe then sent on its way via Old Man River for processing at the sawmill.
The song Widow Maker appears on the Radio Orphans CD “No Strangers To Exploration”, available for purchase at iTunes or hard copy at CDBaby.
You can view, subscribe to our music video podcast, or download each music video at Radio Orphans Video Podcast