Friday, December 22, 2006

Radio Orphans On Zudeo

In constant pursuit to provide easy access to Radio Orphans multi-media content, Radio Orphans now have music videos and select audio tracks available via bit torrent using the new Zudeo platform.
Zudeo is the code name for Azureus 3.0, a popular Internet peer-to- peer application used to dispense high quality media content via bit torrent.
The general idea behind Zudeo is to present an easy to use platform. Not only is Zudeo a great way for people to download high quality format music and movies, It’s also a means for content providers to distribute their media.
Find more information and download the software at

Below are examples of Azureus Magnet Links for Radio Orphans Media.
The links are for an .mp4 for the music video Corey Vs. Bob 1, the other a .aif file for the tune We Hardly Knew Ya both of these files are formatted to a higher quality than one would normally find to download on the Internet.
If you have Azureus or “Zudeo” installed, just click away!


Radio+Orphans+-+We+Hardly+Knew+YaRadio Orphans - We Hardly Knew Ya

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Podcast Play

A double podcast play for Radio Orphans music.
The Radio Orphans tune Born Knowing is played in episode one of Insomnia Café Podcast. Host Michael of Locus Ceruleus, plays a wide range of music along with some poetic spoken word. For more information about Insomnia Café, visit:Locus Ceruleus

Next up, the Bite Sized Bonus Podcast played Hey Jim in episode 254.
Host Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his gothic home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK.
Visit: Bite Sized Bonus for the latest episode along with more information.

The tunes Hey Jim and Born Knowing can be found on the Radio Orphans CD Monkey’s Dance available online at iTunes or purchase a hard copy at CD Baby. Select songs from Monkeys’ Dance are available for download or streaming for free at

Monday, December 04, 2006

Radio Orphans - Mobile Video Six Pack

In our never ending quest to deliver Radio Orphans media to the content hungry masses, we now have six music videos available in mobile video format (.3gp) via .zip file, for your downloading and viewing pleasure.

This Radio Orphans Mobile Video Collection contains the following six Radio Orphans Music Videos:

Monkeys' Dance
No Strangers To Exploration
Corey Vs. Bob 1
Say What You Will
Satellite Trip

These music videos are encoded to play on many mobile video enabled devices such as handheld phones or PDA's.
Check your owners manual or manufactures website for information to get video onto your device.
Download the .zip file courtesy of MediaFire: