Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Radio Orphans News Roundup

Podcast Play:
Podcaster Green Dragon, host of GDs Bite Size Bonus, played our tune Sentimental in episode #429.
Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his gothic home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK. Please visit Bite Size Bonus for more information.

My Pocket Player Mój odtwarzacz Podcast played our tune "Sentimental" in episode MPP-nr 33.
A podcaster based in Poland that plays a personal selection of tracks.
Please visit: My Pocket Player for more information.

Dismay's Podcast played our experimental transmission Peaceful Coexistence in Episode 28: Coexistence and Resistance.
Dismay's Podcast has an interesting aspect in that its a serial story about a man named Dismay who finds himself with superpowers after the tragic death of his girlfriend. This is truly one of the most unique podcasts out there. Check it out.
Please visit Dismays Podcast for more information.

Internet Radio:
SongPlanet Radio's DJ Max played our tune There You Are in his Lakeside Show.
Max broadcasts live from a small village in middle Sweden. His shows can be heard Saturdays on SongPlanet Radio.
Max is also a musician, his music can be found Here on

Radio Orphans Video :
Yahoo! featured our music videos twice on Yahoo! Videos front page in the month of August.
First they featured Glint then the experimental film Sentimental. consistently ranks as the number one website for user traffic.
Visit our Radio Orphans Yahoo! Video Channel for more information and to view our videos.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Radio Orphans Podcast: Slide Show

Here's the Radio Orphans Podcast Picture Slide Show. This slide show is updated each week! One can embed this slide show in sites like Facebook or Myspace or wherever embedding is allowed! Get the code by clicking on the Picasa icon in the show.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Radio Orphans Music Video

Greetings, we've released a new music video for our experimental transmision Glint.
This music video features an animated portrayal of the multiple layers and associated functions of the human eye.
Glint can be downloaded directly HERE courtesy of Glint can be downloaded for free in high quality audio mp3 format at
Or one can view it courtesy of Yahoo! Video below:

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