Friday, June 22, 2007


Just a note about the upcoming iPhone from Apple and Radio Orphans media.
Both Radio Orphans free weekly music and our monthly music video podcasts will play on Apples new iPhone!
With the iPhones seamless interface with iTunes and your computer, you'll be able to download and play both Radio Orphans music videos and music podcasts.
But wait! There's More:
Not only will our .m4a file format 'enhanced podcasts' play on the iPhone, one can soon stream Radio Orphans music videos from YouTube using either the iPhones built in Wi-Fi, or via the AT&T cell network.
Please visit: Apple or ATT for more information!

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Recent Radio Orphans News

Music Videos:
During the second week of June, the front page at Yahoo! Video featured our music video channel along with the music video for our tune Our Shoulders Are Broad And Sweaty But Our Breath Is Sweet. Check out our channel HERE.

Podcast Play:'s DJ Jill No Jack played our tune Sentimental in episode 56 of the Heart of the Night Show. Jill plays a wide range of indie music! Visit: IndieHeart for more information

Tangerinebreem's Podcast played our tune Peaceful Coexistence in episode: Fish radio 13-U.S of A.
This podcast is hosted by DJ Tangerinebreem, he plays a genre busting range of electro inspired indie music.
Please visit: Tangerinebreem's Podcast for more information.

Podcaster Green Dragon, host of the The High Octane Rock Show/GDs Bite Size Bonus, played our tune TinkerBell in episode #386.
Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his gothic home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK. Visit Bite Size Bonus for more information.

The Radio Orphans tunes Sentimental, Peaceful Coexistence, and Tinkerbell are off our CD No Strangers To Exploration avaiable on iTunes.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Music Video:

We've released a new music video for our song "Our Shoulders Are Broad And Sweaty But Or Breath Is Sweet" This Radio Orphans music video contains film footage showing the faces and places of Saudi Arabia during Americas early involvement in Middle East oil exploration and extraction. 
One can view this video online at many sites, including Yahoo! Video or subscribe to our free monthly music video podcast via iTunes.

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