Thursday, April 01, 2010

Radio Orphans music linked to sudden bicycle acceleration

News Flash: Radio Orphans music linked to sudden bicycle acceleration
By: Curtis Lowe, AFNN
April 1, 2010

Minneapolis, MN

Radio Orphans music linked to sudden bicycle acceleration. Total music recall possible. Confirmed reports are coming in far and wide concerning bicyclists and Radio Orphans music.

There have been nine reports of unintended acceleration while listening to Radio Orphans when riding a bike. One case, involving Dora Hairpins of Minneapolis who reportedly barely escaped with her life. Ms Hairpins stated
"I was riding along listening to my iPod, and on came the Radio Orphans. Suddenly, as soon as I pushed one pedal down the other pedal came up, the harder I pedaled, the faster the bike went."

Hairpins reported that she had to squeeze both brake levers as the song mercifully came to an end."Thank God, I didn't end up in the lake!"

Senator Al Franken, MN DFL, is reported to be "very concerned" and is calling for a commission to be formed to study the matter. He stated,"Folks need to know that when they are biking and listening to their favorite music that they are safe."
Reports out of Nashville indicate that a bicycle sudden acceleration commission (BSAC) consisting of music producers Rick Rubin, Bob Rock, and world cycle champ Lance Armstrong has already been formed. This may result in the total recall of Radio Orphans music.

According to an unauthorized source, the Radio Orphans are currently somewhere near the Arctic Circle recording the sounds of global warming for their next album and unavailable for comment.

Curtis Lowe, AFNN.

Dora, her Bike and Lake:

Photo: May Ran, AFNN

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