Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Song: We Hardly Knew Ya

We Hardly Knew Ya, A new Radio Orphans tune that’s a tribute to the late Syd Barrett.
Syd was a founding member of the band Pink Floyd and a solo recording artist. The early experimental pop music of Pink Floyd along with Syd’s solo albums influenced the Radio Orphans early on. Fellow Orphan Jaw Knee states: “Syd Barrett’s own music and his early work with Floyd was fundementel in helping shape the sound of the Radio Orphans”.
Fellow Orphan Finneaus adds: “ In general, if you’re a rock musician, you’ve been influenced by Syd Barrett in some way or another” Any comments or questions are welcome at radioorphans@gmail.com
Download or Stream "We Hardly Knew Ya" at MP3.COM or SONGPLANET.COM Both sites have the same version of the song. At MP3 it's a higher quaility bit rate (192 kbps). At Songplant a lower bit rate (128 kbps) but you can read the lyrics as you listen.


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