Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Music Podcast

We invite you to checkout the special Halloween music edition of the Radio Orphans
We're featuring the following very scary, somewhat chilling, spine tingling independent music.
Startling you with some "Influence" from Sister Machine Gun we'll "Bury The Evidence" with Inner Surge.
We scratch the surface "Beneath The Skin" from the bewitching music of Collide.
No need to run, you'll just be "Wasting Your Time" so relax with the enchanting sounds of Refrag.
Maybe hanging out in the "Graveyard" with the Butthole Surfers will get you feeling "33%" more scared via the zombie vibe of Clarity & The Brothers P. Watchout! There seems to be a "Lack of Oxygen in the Mausoleum" caused by The Digital Nasty who seemingly knows all about "The Spectator" conjured up by the Radio Orphans.

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