Monday, September 04, 2006

Radio Orphans News

A couple of items this week. New music video and internet radio airplay.
New Music Video:
The Radio Orphans are excited to announce the release of a
new music video for their song "Return To The End".
Presented in full color with stereo sound, and utilizing footage from the 1974 educational film "Destruction: Fun Or Dumb?"
 this music video weaves a tale of juvenile delinquent frustration.
"Return To The End" is available for viewing or download at our video podcast page Radio Orphans Video Podcast. One can also subscribe to the music video podcast via iTunes
For ease of use, Radio Orphans recommend iTunes for downloading, subscribing, viewing, and listening to both our video podcast and music podcasts.
Internet Radio:
Internet DJ Misanthropy played the Radio Orphans tunes "World Wide Web" on August 30th and  "Mouthing Off Again" on September 3 in his "The Standing Wave" show on SongPlanet Internet Radio please visit his DJ page HERE for show times and for more information.
Words from the musical Wise:
I told people I was a drummer before I even had a set, I was a mental drummer.
- Keith Moon
Thank you for viewing this Radio Orphans Transmission!


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