Sunday, August 13, 2006

Radio Orphans News

Greetings, this week the Radio Orphans song  "If You Make A Bet In Heaven" was chosen as a 'Moderators Choice" at the official My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts remix site.
Thank You Moderators!
One can listen to and rate our song. Be sure to check out what other artists have done with these tracks, it's quite an interesting listen.

Podcast news:
Radio Orphans -Sexmusic tune "There You Are" was played in the "Jim op de Middag!"  podcast. Check his show out HERE
Thank You Jim! We appreciate the play!
Internet Radio:
Radio Orphans tune "Hey Jim -Beautiful Garden Mix" was played August 9 in the Standing Wave Show hosted by Internet DJ Misanthropy on SongPlanet Radio.
Thank You DJ Misanthropy! We appreciate the support!
For his show times and other information please visit:
SongPlanet Radio
General news:
Fellow Radio Orphan "Finneaus" has built a myspace page! Check it out HERE and give him a shout!
We're rolling with Skype! If you want to speak too, or crank call a Radio Orphan, call us!
User name "radioorphans"
Just check the Dept.of Audio Visual blog site to see our Skype status!
Remember, for original independent music from around the world, check out Radio Orphans Podcast
Hosted by Jaw and Finneaus of the Radio Orphans.
Words from the musical Wise:
"For the world to be interesting, you have to be manipulating it all the time"
-Brian Eno
Thank you for viewing this Radio Orphans Transmission!


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