Saturday, October 21, 2006

Radio Orphans News and Podcast Information

Radio Orphans music was played by two podcasters this week:
Green Dragon from the Bite Sized Bonus show played "Return To The End" in episode 214 of his podcast. Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK. He's also the president of Piggyback Records EU.
The song "Return To The End" is off the Radio Orphans CD "Monkeys' Dance" available on iTunes or hard copy at

The Radio Orphans - Refrag remix "Died Clueless" was played in Dismay's Podcast episode 22 entitled "Dreams".
Dismay's Podcast has an interesting aspect in that its a serial story about a man named Dismay who finds himself with superpowers after the tragic death of his girlfriend.
The song "Died Clueless" is a remix of the Radio Orphans song "Born Knowing" by the musical artist Refrag.

Radio Orphans Podcast Information:
From episode 54 onward Radio Orphans Podcasts are enhanced.
What this means is the audio file format is now an .m4a instead of .mp3.
With this enhanced version you're able to view band pictures along with embedded links to the band's web pages when their song is played.
The enhanced version of the Radio Orphans Podcast will play in the following applications: iTunes or QuickTime, VLC and WinAmp.
If you have the latest versions QuickTime or iTunes installed on your computer either Apple or PC, this podcast will play. You can also subscribe to our podcast via iTunes and other RSS readers. One can also directly or indirectly download to various mobile devices such as PDAs, iPod, Zune, and PSP. Along with handhelds, this podcast works on multiple 'smart phones'. Check your mobiles manual or manufactures website for more information.
For more information along with links to all the artists we play, visit: Radio Orphans Podcast.


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