Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Music Video

You're invited to view our new music video for the Radio Orphans experimental transmission, Corey Vs. Bob part one.
Join us live from the one of a kind radio studio of WJR. Talk back DJ Bob is taking callers, Corey's on the landline in Wausau. Watch as 1960’s Mid America tunes in, then chuckles in amazement as our two protagonists battle each other with intelligent words of wit and wisdom.
One can direct download the video using this link: Corey Vs. Bob 1 or subscribe to our video podcast via iTunes or via your favorite
RSS reader. Visit our main video podcast page at Radio Orphans Video Podcast to view all our music video and for more information.
The original song Corey Vs. Bob (part one) is the super secret hidden end track on the Radio Orphans CD Monkeys’ Dance available on iTunes or hard copy at


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