Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Music Video

You're invited to view a new music video for the Radio Orphans Remix of The Dunwich Whores tune "The Final Horror".
One can view this video at Google Video
or visit our main Video Podcast Page for more information about this or any other Radio Orphans music video.
This Radio Orphans Remix is set to the second half of "Le Voyage dans la lune" known as
the first science fiction film (1902) directed and written by French film maker Georges Méliès.
Please visit for more information.
St Paul, Minnesota based The Dunwich Whores create alternative music with a haunting aura. You can hear "The Final Horror (Radio Orphans Remix)" on Episode 85 of the Radio Orphans Podcast.
One can download or stream this remix at the Radio Orphans page at
To listen to the original version of "The Final Horror", and for more information about The Dunwich Whores, please visit The Dunwich Whores on myspace.

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