Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Radio Orphans ON Yahoo! Video

From the Dept. Of WOW! Recently the Radio Orphans music video Ides Of March was selected as a featured video on the front page of Yahoo! Video This was a nice surprise, we've gained many channel subscribers and quite a few views. Finneaus and I would like to welcome our new viewers and thank Yahoo! for the feature!
The Radio Orphans also have a Video Channel at Yahoo! One can view Radio Orphans music videos along with the option to rate, comment on the videos, or subscribe to the channel.
One thing I've noticed at Yahoo! Video is the quality of the video stream. If you're up for compare and contrast, I think you'll notice that out of all the sites that have our video Ides Of March, it looks or streams the 'best' at Yahoo! Video.
The exact same video file was uploaded to each site: YouTube, Google Video, Veoh, and Yahoo! This leads me to believe that Yahoo! either uses less compression when converting to Flash or they stream at a higher bandwidth than the other sites I've sited.
Either way, each site has its own plus and minus when comparing ease of use from either a user or content providers perspective. The way our content is presented to users is important to us. The Radio Orphans strive for our content to be presented in the highest quality look and sound available and we're excited that Yahoo! is providing a way for us to meet that standard.

-Jaw Knee

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