Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News: Video, Podcast Play, Internet Radio

Video News:
Yahoo!'s own video blog run by Yahoo! video workers, picked our music video Ides Of March as a Fringe Fridays Music Break on the 23rd of March. Please visit the Yahoo!
Video Blog
for more information.

Podcast Play For March 2007:
Podcaster Green Dragon host of the The High Octane Rock Show/GDs Bite Size Bonus, played our new tune Ides Of March in episode #310 and our song Runway (Holding Short) in episode #325. Host Green Dragon produces multiple podcasts from his gothic home on a small island off the coast of North Wales UK. Click HERE for more information.

Dismay's Podcast played Ides Of March in episode 26 entitled A New Threat.
Dismay's Podcast has an interesting aspect in that its a serial story about a man named Dismay who finds himself with superpowers after the tragic death of his girlfriend. This is truly one of the most unique podcasts out there. Check it out.

Internet Radio:
DJ Sue played Ides Of March on March 4 and The Final Horror (Radio Orphans Remix) on the 25th in her Eclectica show heard Sunday evenings on SongPlanet.com
Sue has been a musician all her life and plays many instruments from toy pianos to Frikkens. Sue believes in leaving the door open to musical possibilities and this is reflected in her shows. Sue's excellent music can be heard HERE at SongPlanet.com

DJ Misanthropy spun the tunes Mouthing Off Again on March 4th and Hey Jim (Beautiful Garden Mix) on the 25th in his Standing Wave Show heard Sundays on SongPlanet.com. DJ Misanthropy is based in England and he plays a wide range of music on his show. Not only is Misanthropy a DJ, he makes cool music too! Check out his tunes HERE at SongPlanet.com

The video for Ides Of March can be watched HERE at Yahoo! Video.
The songs Ides Of March, The Final Horror (Radio Orphans Remix) and Hey Jim (Beautiful Garden Mix) are available for download in mp3 format at
Radio Orphans music page HERE on Songplanet.com. The tune Runway (Holding Short) is available for download HERE at SoundClick.com.

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