Saturday, November 10, 2007

Radio Orphans News Roundup:

Music Videos:
We've released two new videos, in October a video for our tune "Hey Jim" off our 2005 release Monkeys' Dance and for the month of November, "The Money Nose" from our upcoming CD entitled "Unclaimed Freight".
Both of these Radio Orphans music videos are available for viewing at our Yahoo! Video Channel or subscribe via RSS or iTunes. For more information one can visit Radio Orphans Video Podcast.

Recent Podcast Play:
On October 22 "My Pocket Player - Mój odtwarzacz" played our tune World Wide Web. This Polish Podcaster has been very supportive of our music and we're grateful to be continually played on his show. Please visit My Pocket Player for more information

On October 22 X Pat Radio played our new tune Funny Shoes. Host Andy, a Briton now living in Wisconsin, USA, plays a wide range of indie music. Please visit X Pat Radio for more information.

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